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Support the passage of 2 Bills which will allow ABA to be a service which Behavior Analysts can provide to individuals without a diagnosis of Autism. Why does this matter? If an individual has a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD, but needs support for behavioral challenges, WE CANNOT HELP!

Support this proposed change, by clicking the links below, vote “Aye”,
and share with as many like-minded people as possible:

Senate Bill S.4967 -
Assembly Bill A.6389 -

PLEASE help us help all those with special needs.

Targeted Social Skills for Real Life Experiences

ABA Services for Children with Autism

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ABA & Special Education Services

Social Skills Group Opening

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Helping Hands Children currently serves over 70 Long Island School Districts & New York City Regions with ABA/BCBA & Autism related, behavioral, and special education consultations, trainings, as well as related services.

We are proud to be New York State certified to teach Autism Mandate training. Our staff consists of full time doctoral level clinicians, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Licensed Behavior Analysts (LBAs), and many other masters-level providers, offering in total, over 200 skilled and specialized employees.

Behavioral Outreach

The Behavioral Outreach programs at Helping Hands Children are designed to assist children with Autism & other developmental disabilities to improve upon social skills, interpersonal skills & self-esteem.
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Specialized Programs

Helping Hands offers summer services that provide individualized programs for children of all ages. Our summer programs are innovative & help build strong foundations for learning & growth.

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Professional Training

Our workshops & training programs for professionals can be counted towards Professional Development hours for teachers and/or CEUs for BCBAs. All participants receive Certificates of Attendance upon completion.
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Hand in Hand Children Succeed at Helping Hands

Currently, we have over 15 years of successful experiences with individuals and their families. Our behavior intervention plans and treatment programs continue to document the success of each individual we continue to serve.

We provide service of a platinum standard, as each client benefits from completely individualized and tailored programming to support positive behavior, pro-social and communicative skills, academics, vocational, and life skills.

Through our 1:1 crisis intervention program, we have utilized natural supports to facilitate re-integration into self-contained or inclusion settings, for multiple learners.

"Helping Hands is a favorite Behavior Intervention Agency among parents, schools, attorneys and advocates alike because they help students improve behavior and success and help families gain trust." -PPS Director, LI school

Our evaluations are strictly scientific, evidence based practices. We are credentialed to provide the Autism Diagnostic and Observation Schedule - 2nd edition (ADOS-2), as well as full psycho-educational, and neuropsychological batteries.

We rely on standardized assessments. Our functional behavior assessments include the use of the Functional Analysis Screening Tool (FAST), Motivational Assessment scale (MAS), CAI, RAISD, Vineland, ADI-R, ABLLS VB-MAPP, and many others. We are also able to conduct the ADOS-2.The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – Second Edition (ADOS-2), is a semi-structured assessment tool used to assess potential diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. As the “gold standard” of diagnostic measures, the ADOS-2 has is comprised of activities and stimuli that will elicit behaviors consistent with an ASD diagnosis. Behaviors assessed include communication, social interaction, play, and restricted and repetitive behaviors. Ranging in administration time from 40 to 60 minutes, five modules are available to assess children as young as 12 months, to adulthood. Each module has a different protocol based on age, as well as language abilities. Often utilized with other diagnostic tools, the ADOS-2 offers a diagnostic algorithm which yields results to support educational, behavioral, and overall treatment planning.

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