nonprofit behavioral outreach autism social skills two children

Behavioral Outreach Programs

Our goal at Helping Hands Behavioral Outreach is to help children with Autism and other developmental disabilities further develop social skills, interpersonal skills and self esteem in a unique recreational setting utilizing typical children as peer mentors to model appropriate behavior to our children with autism.

nonprofit behavioral outreach autism social skills two children

Weekend Social Skills and Recreation Program

Our weekend Social Skills Program at Helping Hands, is a highly successful, full day, social skills program offering behavioral support in a recreational setting. Supporting ages 3 – 21 and over, we provide individualized social and life skills support, ensuring that individuals of each age group are being supported in the most appropriate manner. Enrollment at our program may be done through insurance services, OPWDD, and private pay options.

We treat each and every participant with the care and concern for safety as we do our very own. We care about all of the children and young people we serve, and put their needs, safety, comfort, and happiness ahead of everything else. While they are having a great time with us in a social skills program, they are learning valuable social skills that they have taken with them to school and in other parts of their lives. Consistently, year after year, we have extremely high parent satisfaction surveys reported to the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities.

Now for over 10 years, the passion for helping others continues to thrive as many of the children who first attended the program, now attend as adolescents and young adults.

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Our program is comprised of:

  • Individualized and tailored groups (age, abilities, and needs), to ensure each individual benefits from each other
  • Wide variety of activities, including arts & crafts, Wii video games, Sensory activities, gross motor (gym) activities, cooperative play skills, music, vocational skills, life skills, etc.
  • Staff who have completed and passed full state, federal, criminal and child abuse background checks in the OPWDD system
  • Staff that are fully trained in CPR, First Aid, OSHA, Universal Precautions, SCIP, and more
  • BCBA Supervision

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If you are interested in your child attending any of our Behavioral Outreach programs please contact Linda Hacker at