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Crisis Response Center

The Crisis Behavior Response Program & Behavior Help
Pre-Vocational After-School Center

A Helping Hands program for students with profound behavioral challenges

The Crisis Behavior Response Program and after-school Behavior Help and pre-vocational center of Helping Hands Consultation Services, Inc. were created to assist those students with the most severe and challenging behaviors including: physical aggression, self-injurious behavior, property destruction and refusal to engage in a majority of school based activities. Based partly on the published research of Dr. Vanetta LaRosa, BCBA-D, inclusive of well-known ABA literature, we have devised a system to help students overcome their most challenging behaviors. We document progress, share data regularly and apply intensive Applied Behavior Analytic methods systematically to target each student's behavioral challenges. We have helped many students in this phase of their lives and helped them to see better days. We do not give up!

All of the behavioral experts who work in program are CPI certified (Crisis Prevention Institute), and a certified CPI trainer is on site at all times. CPI is a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program, which utilizes safe behavior management methods while focusing on prevention. Board Certified Behavior Analysts, certified Special Education teachers, and staff run the program with extensive experience in implementing ABA procedures.

Students who participate in the Crisis Behavior Response Program do so for short periods of their life when they need to get their most challenging and interfering behaviors under control so that they may open up to learning. During those challenging times, their behaviors prevent them from being able to function safely around others.

Students may work in a private classroom within a school building with our team of behavioral experts and then spend time in or our Behavior Help After-school Center. Whether we work with students in classrooms within school buildings, or at our site after-school, our goal is to help those students learn to accept task demands, and replace their problem behaviors with others that are effective yet safe.

In the Crisis Behavior Response program and after-school Behavior Help Center we work hard to understand each student's individualized preferences and best systems of motivation. We then utilize those known preferences, as potential reinforcers to constantly motivate learning and the acquisition of pro-social behaviors while we work hard to extinguish serious problem behaviors. We create an atmosphere conducive to learning, where mood-improving methods are carefully thought of an implemented throughout the duration students are present. All staff in our program and at the after-school Behavior Help and pre-vocational Center are certified in CPI, and a certified CPI trainer who is also a Certified Special Education Teacher oversees the staff along side a BCBA. Highly trained one to one aides, Certified Special Education Teachers and Board Certified Behavior Analysts that are all overseen by a Doctoral Level Board Certified Behavior Analyst, staff the entire program.

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