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Insurance Services

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For more information on our Insurance Services please contact our Senior Clinical Coordinator, Brittaney Lanza for details at
(631) 659-3337 x6 or

What Are Insurance Services?

The New York State Autism Insurance Reform Law allows for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to receive behavior analytic services (ABA) through medical insurance. These services offer comprehensive treatment, including direct ABA services, parent training, social skills, and skill assessments. The expert clinicians at HHCS are able to provide these services with any of our accepted insurance carriers.

Comprehensive Treatment Includes

Initial assessment and treatment plan, tailored to your loved ones behaviors, needs, and abilities. Our treatment plans are not only comprised of strategies to decrease problem behavior, but also, appropriate replacement behaviors and skills.

Standardized and Skills Assessments: Using assessments like the Vineland-III and VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, and AFLS, we are able to use scientific tools to support goals and learning methodologies.

Parent training and counseling.

Ongoing behavior plan development, reviewing data collection of your loved one’s responding to all strategies tailored to their needs.

Expert Treatment Teams

Helping Hands Children Services uses data to create treatment teams for every person we serve. The skills of the providers we choose match the needs of the child/teenager/adult with Autism and family we are serving. Our BCBA's have extensive real world experience. For example if your child needs help with toilet training, we will provide a team with prior knowledge of how to teach that particular skill. If your son is a teenager in need of help with social skills, we will provide a team experienced with teenagers with similar needs. During our initial consultation, we will discuss all needs with parents or caregivers. We provide ongoing professional development and Continuing Education Credits.

Parents as part of the Team

We provide ongoing training and supports to parents while also welcoming input and feedback at all times. We appreciate the perspective of all parents and respect that as a parent, you know your child best!

Comprehensive, Individualized Treatment Plans

  • Helping Hands has dedicated over a decade to providing the highest quality of data drive Behavior Intervention Services. We have created and implemented hundreds of behavior plans that have resulted in real success of the students we have served. See our parent testimonials for details and hear form the parents directly!
  • We begin with an in-depth initial assessment of needs. Your child or loved ones's program will focus on improving socials, adaptive, academic, and behavior skills. We will work to help each child decrease problem behavior and learn valuable life skills including making and maintaining friendships.
  • Our treatments packages may include: a full day at one of our social skills programs, direct service hours in your home with a qualified behavior service provider, supervision hours, parent training, coordination of care, behavior plan development/data review, and other social skills groups during school breaks!


All of the data for each individual program is maintained in a professional system form the beginning of service through the termination date. Data is graphed and analyzed weekly so that we ensure maximum growth potential for each persons we serve.

HHCS Accepts:

  • GHI/Emblem Health Network
  • Emblem Child Health Plus
  • Oscar
  • The Empire Plan
  • Fidelis Care - Child Health Plus
  • United Behavioral Health
  • Aetna
  • Tricare (MHN)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Healthplus Amerigroup
  • Beacon Health Options

Covered Services Include:

Therapeutic Behavioral Services

Direct ABA services delivered to the client. Therapist implements data driven interventions that are designed by a supervising BCBA or BCBA-D.
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Skills Training and Development Group

Our social skills programming is offered on most Saturdays and Sunday in our East Northport facility. Our groups are placed together based on each learners skills, abilities, needs and behaviors. This 1:1 group setting offers a community based opportunity for a variety of learners to generalize their skills, receive individualized behavioral support, and succeed in a group setting. Additionally, to offer continued support, our groups are offered during school breaks.

Skills Assessment

Using a variety of standardized tools, as well as skills assessments, our Clinicians are able to identify areas of growth for all of our clients. Helping Hands administers assessments such as the ABLLS-R, AFLS, and VB-MAPP, which are known for offering scientifically valid measures of skill and behavior. Additionally, our clinicians utilize such tools for not only individualized treatment, but also, to demonstrate fantastic growth in skills!

Parent Training

Therapist works with the parent or caregivers of the client to ensure that interventions are maintained and practiced within the home. Therapist provides support to the parent or caregiver to promote generalization and maintenance of the treatment plan.

For more information on our Insurance Services please contact our Senior Clinical Coordinator, Brittaney Lanza for details at (631) 659-3337 x6 or