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Interim Placement: An Alternative Placement to Home Instruction

A Helping Hands program for students with profound behavioral challenges

Our Interim Placement program was created to assist students with a variety of needs. Offering therapeutic and individualized programming, we are able to successfully accommodate and support learners who are placed on home instruction for a multitude of reasons. Additionally, we accept and support students with behavioral needs and challenges to foster their independence and success.

Based partly on the published research of Dr. Vanetta LaRosa, BCBA-D, LBA, inclusive of well-known ABA literature, we have devised a system to help students succeed during a potentially challenging time. Consistently documenting progress, we share data regularly while systematically approaching each student’s abilities and needs to facilitate their success academically, and behaviorally. We have helped many students throughout this process, and have facilitated their behavioral success in not only our setting, but in the community.

Throughout the process, we work comprehensively as a team to ensure that each child experiences success in our program. Our team is comprised of behavioral experts, who are CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute) trained, Licensed Behavior Analysts, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, New York State certified Special Education teachers, and dedicated direct support staff with extensive experience in implementing ABA procedures.

Our program is not limited to the walls of our East Northport facility. In fact, many students will often work in a private classroom within a school building, with the support of the entire team. Regardless of the setting, our goal is to help those students achieve success, both behaviorally and academically.

Our team of clinical experts works hard to understand each student’s individualized needs, preferences, and behaviors. Incorporating these foundational ABA principles supports our mission to facilitate pro-social and appropriate behaviors while working to increase learning! By doing so, we create an atmosphere conducive to learning, where mood-improving methods are carefully thought of and further implemented through the duration each student is present.

Our staff are trained in CPI, further offering highly trained one to one aides, Certified Special Education Teachers, Licensed Behavior Analysts, Board Certified Behavior Analysts that are all overseen by a Doctoral Level Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed Behavior Analyst.

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