Neurocognitive Services

We provide expertly tailored neurocognitive evaluations by neuropsychologists.Our process typically follows these carefully thought-out steps:

  1. A detailed clinical intake is completed where the patient’s full history is reviewed (i.e., developmental, familial, genetic).
  2. A neuropsychologist chooses the patient’s neurocognitive assessments based on clinical intake and a review of records.
  3. Testing sessions are scheduled that meet the client’s needs (e.g., shorter durations across several days for those with difficulties sustaining focus, scheduled support from trained behavior specialists to assist with behavioral difficulties, multiple breaks, etc.).
  4. An analysis of results, scoring, interpretation and diagnosis (if applicable) is completed, and a comprehensive report is provided.
  5. A debriefing is scheduled to explain the results of the assessment to the patient and/or the patient’s family.
  6. A list of recommendations based on neurocognitive data is included in the report and reviewed.
  7. If chosen as the clinical team by the patient’s family, Helping Hands will lead the process in developing and executing an individualized treatment program using ABA and cognitive rehabilitations based on the results of the assessments.