Neurocognitive Services

Overseen by Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg, we provide expertly tailored neurocognitive evaluations by neuropsychologists. Our process typically follows these carefully thought-out steps:

  • A detailed clinical intake is completed where the patient’s full history is reviewed (i.e., developmental, familial, genetic).
  • A neuropsychologist chooses the patient’s neurocognitive assessments based on clinical intake and a review of records.
  • Testing sessions are scheduled that meet the client’s needs (e.g., shorter durations across several days for those with difficulties sustaining focus, scheduled support from trained behavior specialists to assist with behavioral difficulties, multiple breaks, etc.).
  • An analysis of results, scoring, interpretation and diagnosis (if applicable) is completed, and a comprehensive report is provided.
  • A debriefing is scheduled to explain the results of the assessment to the patient and/or the patient’s family.
  • A list of recommendations based on neurocognitive data is included in the report and reviewed.
  • If chosen as the clinical team by the patient’s family, Helping Hands will lead the process in developing and executing an individualized treatment program using ABA and cognitive rehabilitations based on the results of the assessments.

What will the testing be like? And why am I being tested?

We will give clients tests on an iPad, as well as tests with paper and pencil, and ask a series of questions. Some questions will seem fun, others boring, and some may be frustrating; but the purpose of the tests will be to evaluate your memory, language skills, thinking processes and other skills.

Our advice to our clients for testing is to just do your best. There are no wrong answers. We use all the information to help identify strengths and weaknesses. Clients may take breaks as needed if they’re hungry or need to go to the bathroom – when a tester wants a break, they just have to tell us, and we will pause. Because we use this information to help you overcome your weaknesses and make your skills stronger, it is important to us that test takers are relaxed and comfortable at all times.

Insurance Coverage

Neurocognitive evaluations are covered by many insurance plans that provide out-of-network benefits.

Autism evaluations and functional behavior assessments, as well as a variety of skill-based measures, are covered by insurance plans so long as a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is prescribed.

Visit our insurance coverage page for more information on how we’ll assist you with determining your coverage for testing.

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