"Vanetta LaRosa has been a friend and professional associate for over 14 years. I am the parent of a 30 year old with disabilities and a clinical social worker by profession. I teach child development and exceptional child as an adjunct professor in the psychology department at a local community college. My husband has had a long standing relationship with Vanetta as well As the retired principal of a program for children with developmental and emotional needs he has had Vanetta consult with staff and write behavioral plans for children. We have both worked with and know Vanetta over many years and have seen her interactions with children, adults, staff and agencies as well as government entities

Vanetta is an outstanding individual with exceptional skills She has single-handedly established Helping Hands and has helped countless children and families through their Saturday Recreation Program and School Consultation Services. My son who has PDD, Intellectual Disability and ADHD as well as his wife who has Down Syndrome serve as peer mentors in the Helping Hands saturday recreation program This experience has added enormously to their self esteem and quality of life.

Vanetta's programs are exceptionally well run and each and every individual has a plan to meet their specific needs. Staff is caring and very competent. I am proud to know Vanetta and count her as one of the shining lights in our profession. She is creative, innovative and extremely respectful of the potential of the individuals she serves always striving to help them realize their hopes and dreams. I would like to send a personal you to Vanetta ,as a parent, for her understanding and support during many difficult times and transitions with my son Joe."

- Ellen Paige Nelson LCSW